Rest and Rewing

Rest and Rewind

      Resting has never been my strong suit; in fact it is very hard for me to do, even when I know it is necessary.   Often, it takes God prompting me to rest in other ways before it becomes a reality. That may mean becoming sick, having a stressful meltdown or ending up in an anxiety filled day because of the lack of rest on my part. It shouldn’t take God getting my attention in such a profound way, but due to the stubbornness I seem to optimize this is often how God works.   Stubbornness is my downfall (sigh)   What keeps you from finding rest?   Stubbornness Busyness Loneliness Lack of trust Family Commitments (lack of support)     I can say mine have been all of the above at different times of my life, but over the last few months … [Read More...]


Redeemer of the Pain

Redeemer of the Pain   God is a merciful God and I am so thankful. Some of the hardest lessons are those learned in the deepest wounds.   Wounds are painful, but God is a … Read More...


Control; Oh that word

control... Hmmm.. Do I have control issues? Probably but God is still in the process of redoing me in that area. I am certainly much better than I was 2 or 3 years ago but I certainly can relate to … Read More...


God Loves You

For years I certainly did not believe that God loved me. Why would He love a "forgotten" child? Why would He love a "mistake"? I questioned that for years. I knew that He loved every one else because … Read More...

Testimonials from Others

Angie is a woman after God’s own heart. It is her drive to seek God in all things that keeps her in His perfect peace. Trial after trial, Angie has continued in her walk to intentionally follow Jesus every step of the way. This has made her more than a conqueror in Him, as she continues giving God praise despite any circumstances she finds herself in. She is an inspiration to many in her blog, “Joyful Journey”. As you read in her testimony, and other writings, it becomes evident that she is a true friend and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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