courage and faith

Courage and Faith

For years courage was certainly not part of my vocabulary.. or so it seemed. I often would look at life and wonder how other people could just do whatever needed to be done because that was certainly not how I lived my life for many years. I hated anything that required courage. I felt so fearful in just doing basic aspects of life such as grocery shopping, staying alone or even driving alone. When God began changing my heart and life almost 3 years ago, I was told by someone that I had always exhibited courage because each day that I went out and "lived" my life even in the midst of fear, anxiety and agoraphobia. I always believed I was somewhat of a wimp but now when I look back now I see that I was strong and had more faith than I believed I had.  I always believed that the fear made me a wimp but then I look at the life I lived for … [Read More...]


Traveling through Life

Life is meant to be lived and lived big, yet for many years I certainly did not do that. I lived hidden behind a shell of fear, anxiety and agoraphobia all the while the world was passing me by. I … Read More...


Mercy for the Unforgiveable

Mercy is so hard to offer yet we when were sinners we were offered mercy by the One True God who sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins. How can we offer any less for … Read More...

God Calls You to Serve

Do It Yourself

  We serve because God calls us to serve. We cannot sit on the side line waiting for another to step up and do what God calls us to do. We live in a world that most people want the "right" to … Read More...


Seeing the Outcome

Lately my life has been one huge roller coaster. One day to the next I never know what will happen or what the day holds. Yet, isn't that most days? For a control freak like me it is very difficult … Read More...

Testimonials from Others

Angie is a woman after God’s own heart. It is her drive to seek God in all things that keeps her in His perfect peace. Trial after trial, Angie has continued in her walk to intentionally follow Jesus every step of the way. This has made her more than a conqueror in Him, as she continues giving God praise despite any circumstances she finds herself in. She is an inspiration to many in her blog, “Joyful Journey”. As you read in her testimony, and other writings, it becomes evident that she is a true friend and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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