Blooming Here and Now

The here is now and the past is over. We can't change anything that has happened yesterday, the day before or years ago. All we are guaranteed is NOW so we do we keep wasting time looking back and wishing things were different. Nothing can be undone and nothing will escape the power of God's hand because He is the only one who has the power to pull everything together for our good. Blooming where we are is exactly part of that process. I have faced many times of wondering when "such and such" would change and life would become just as I had planned it to be. Then somehow God put me in the right place to have everything come together. Maybe the "coming together" wasn't exactly as I had pictured but coming together nonetheless. How does He do that? (LOL) For years I struggled with finding "Angie" because I was constantly trying to … [Read More...]

mike and angie


  1982 was a significant time of my life for many reasons, but the main one was because I met a young guy who changed the course of my life. Mike was a young 15 year old boy when we met in … Read More...


Ragged Edges

The ragged edges are falling away. The edges of loss fear anxiety agoraphobia and so many more "ragged" places. Can you relate? It is a hard life at times, yet God never said … Read More...

rita and angie


  Love: What does that word mean to you? I have learned that love is not what I grew up experiencing. I don't think I really know what love was until the last 7 or 8 years. I knew the … Read More...


Book Review: Undone

About a week ago I began reading the new book by Michele Cushatt called, " Undone: A story of making peace with an unexpected life." I have been a friend of Michele's on Facebook but we have never met … Read More...

Testimonials from Others

Angie is a woman after God’s own heart. It is her drive to seek God in all things that keeps her in His perfect peace. Trial after trial, Angie has continued in her walk to intentionally follow Jesus every step of the way. This has made her more than a conqueror in Him, as she continues giving God praise despite any circumstances she finds herself in. She is an inspiration to many in her blog, “Joyful Journey”. As you read in her testimony, and other writings, it becomes evident that she is a true friend and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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