Mercy for the Unforgiveable

Mercy is so hard to offer yet we when were sinners we were offered mercy by the One True God who sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins. How can we offer any less for others? This is a struggle for me in so many areas of life but one of the hardest has been in the loss of my grandparents to the hands of my step-grandfather, John. Many years ago, my grandmother had been a single woman and married a man who she had known for some time. He seemed like to be a wonderful man, full of God's Word and love for all of the family that she brought to the relationship with her. I was newly married when they married and over many years my grandmother and John became a intrigual part of my life as a new wife and mom. My grandmother, Neenie had always been an important part of my life but during the early years of marriage she … [Read More...]

God Calls You to Serve

Do It Yourself

  We serve because God calls us to serve. We cannot sit on the side line waiting for another to step up and do what God calls us to do. We live in a world that most people want the "right" to … Read More...


Seeing the Outcome

Lately my life has been one huge roller coaster. One day to the next I never know what will happen or what the day holds. Yet, isn't that most days? For a control freak like me it is very difficult … Read More...


Prayer and You

I have been reading a new book by Gina Duke called Organizing Your Prayer Closet. Such an interesting book and so much to learn. I would highly recommend this book. I know in my own … Read More...


Your Tribe

What is the definition of "Family"? This is something I have never been sure of because it is not something I have experienced much. I have "family", but the family I have is my "tribe" that … Read More...

Testimonials from Others

Angie is a woman after God’s own heart. It is her drive to seek God in all things that keeps her in His perfect peace. Trial after trial, Angie has continued in her walk to intentionally follow Jesus every step of the way. This has made her more than a conqueror in Him, as she continues giving God praise despite any circumstances she finds herself in. She is an inspiration to many in her blog, “Joyful Journey”. As you read in her testimony, and other writings, it becomes evident that she is a true friend and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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